Stephanie and Neha: A Connector Story

The Connector Program is a formalized networking initiative that helps professional immigrants broaden their professional network through one-on-one meetings with established business leaders/peers who work in the same field.

Food Banks Alberta’s Executive Director Stephanie Walsh-Rigby met with Neha Kulshrestha on a cold February day. Neha is an HR Professional and is a CPHR candidate. She reached out to ERIEC to be a part of the CONNECTOR PROGRAM as she is looking forward to gain more insight and feedback for self-improvement and guidance in pursuing her HR recruiter career in Edmonton.

“I had a wonderful time with Stephanie. She is amazing and helpful. I did really enjoyed talking with her. I would like to thank ERIEC for connecting me with Stephanie”, says Neha.

“I was so pleased to be asked to join such a valuable program as a volunteer connector. ERIEC provides a fantastic opportunity for highly skilled people who have moved to Canada to connect and network in ways they may not normally have easy access to. Navigating the professional job market is already very challenging. Programs like ERIEC ensure qualified and experienced people who may not have connections are given some tips, advice and even introductions to assist them in their journey to find meaningful work in their chosen field”, says Stephanie.

If you are a professional immigrant, Permanent Resident, currently in Edmonton, and interested in ERIEC’s Connector Program, please contact the Coordinator Sarah Tangan at 780-497-8866 or [email protected]

It's Time to Connect

Build your professional connections through one-on-one meetings with established and international business peers who work in the same field.