ERIEC believes that mentorship programs for new immigrants can benefit the whole community. Mentorship can help smooth the transition for immigrants to life in Edmonton. Our mentees and mentors develop relationships that foster professional and personal growth. Businesses can tap into a new source of labour that brings international experience to their team. Mentorship benefits the Edmonton business community by fostering diversity and understanding of the global economy. 

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Benefits to Immigrants

When anyone moves to a new country, it can be challenging to find work and build a new professional network. Our mentorship program is focused specifically on new immigrants and providing them with support. Mentors help guide mentees during their job search and help them understand the Canadian work culture so they are better prepared to work in Edmonton.

Often our mentees return to the program as mentors. They use their transitional experience to help others.

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“We are challenging each other to grow and learn together. We are talking about our common interests and how they fit into career choices. On a personal level, we really connect.”

Kathy A. 2019

Benefits to Mentors

By engaging as mentors, local business professionals improve their cross-cultural leadership and management skills, develop intercultural competencies. Developing these skills are an excellent way to improve your chances of advancing in your career or shifting to a new area. Mentoring also demonstrates that you are willing to volunteer while making a real difference in the life of an immigrant. 

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"Not only does it benefit the mentees, but as a mentor, I am learning a lot about cultural intelligence. That is helping me in mentoring my current staff at my company and teaching me what to look for with new staff.”

Al-Arqam A. 2019

Benefits to the Business Community

Mentorship programs are a way for your company to outsource training. A newcomer to Canada who has completed our mentorship program will need less training when you hire them. They will adjust more smoothly to working in the Canadian workplace. Your employees develop their leadership skills, communication, and intercultural skills by becoming a mentor. Promoting these skills as part of your company culture can help with attracting and retaining quality employees. 

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ERIEC also acknowledges and appreciates TD Canada Trust's sponsorship of the "Women's Chapter of the Career Mentorship Program".


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, please contact the Mentorship Program Facilitator.

Who is a career mentee?

Career mentorship may help you if you are new or recent immigrant who has the language, knowledge, and business experience to succeed in the workplace but need the opportunity to get your foot in the door.

Why do I need a mentor?

Your mentor can be the first link in your Canadian professional network. They can open doors to employment opportunities in the Edmonton region.

Who can apply to become a mentor?

We encourage you to apply to become a mentor if you are are established in your profession and are familiar with the Canadian workplace. Our mentors are sensitive to employment issues for skilled immigrants and willing to learn more about intercultural and global talent issues.

What is occupation-specific mentoring?

Occupation-specific mentoring involves connecting professional newcomers (mentees) with established Canadian professionals (mentors) who share the same occupation.

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