ERIEC provides Edmonton immigrants with multiple ways for them to network with the local business community. Networking can be as simple as a friendly conversation with someone new or a formal event where you meet people for advice about an industry and referrals to potential work. ERIEC's networking events provide targeted opportunities for immigrants to connect to the Edmonton regional labour market. The events connect local businesses and organizations to global talent who can enhance the diversity and international experience of their teams.

Speed Career Networking

Quick-hit events designed to maximize the number connections by following a speed "dating" format. The events match immigrants and locally established professionals for speed mentoring sessions. These events allow participants to meet many people then connect more with people who share experience or could meet a need. 

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Smart Connections

Once or twice a year, ERIEC offers Smart Connection events. The events educate participants about specialized sector-specific Canadian workplace opportunities. Participants connect them directly to employer representatives from the local labour market. Often internationally educated immigrants learn vital skills about how to repackage themselves to find and apply for a successful alternate career path while pursuing re-certification.

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The Global Talent Conference

This conference is one of Edmonton’s premium events for internationally educated immigrants who are looking to connect with and be inspired by Edmonton business leaders. The conference is a cost-free, one-day event. It is open to internationally educated immigrants and to Edmonton businesses and community partners. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I network?

Applying for posted positions in your field is always a good idea. But having a well-rounded professional network can let you know about jobs that are not posted, or get your application out of the slush pile because someone knows you. Sometimes the best job leads come from unexpected places. Be aware that the people who know you also know what you are capable of, and this can help you get the job you want.

How can networking help immigrants?

When you are new to a community, you do not have those informal networks. When you are looking for work, informal and formal networking can connect you to the tricks and tools of the Canadian job market. Understanding the differences will help you better prepare your resume and prepare you for interviews.

How can networking with immigrants help locals?

Networking with people who have an outside perspective about Canada and Alberta can help you understand the needs of international customers and the global market of your industry. Bringing this international experience into your network and potentially into your business can improve your global perspective.

How is networking in Canada different from other countries?

All cultures have different habits and expectations, and this is true for networking. For example, Canadians are a very time-conscious culture and being even a little late is considered rude. We also like to ease into conversation with small talk about the weather or other general topics before getting into more specific conversation topics.

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