Why become a connector? —You are not only volunteering to help a newcomer to Canada in Edmonton, you’re growing your own network too!

As a connector, you will get access to professional immigrant talent in Edmonton. You can increase your awareness of your own organization and industry. Our connectors build a network for people by helping them succeed in Alberta, which makes Edmonton a more welcoming and diverse community.

Connector’s Role

As a connector, you will:

  • Work with our connector program coordinator.
  • Get a brief orientation as well as coaching tips that will help you to navigate the meeting with your connectee.
  • Meet with the connectee (one meeting for one half-hour).
  • Share your knowledge of the current labour market situation, the demands, and the skills required in your professional field.
  • Be able to provide the participant with three other relevant contacts in their industry after the meeting if your are comfortable doing so.
  • Provide any feedback regarding the connectee participant directly to the connector program coordinator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, please contact the Connector Program Coordinator.

Who are “connectees?"

Our connectees are internationally educated professionals who come from a variety of backgrounds. They are all screened to be part of this program. They are aware that the goal of the Connector Program is to enhance networking skills, not to ask for employment.

What is the commitment to be a connector?

You will only be asked for a one-time informational meeting for half an hour. The intention is to give the connectee an understanding of how their industry works in Edmonton, and help them build a professional network here.

Where do I meet with my connectee?

The meeting will be scheduled either at the connector’s office or another convenient public location suggested by the connector. (During the pandemic of COVID-19, the meetings are through telephone or video.)

How do I help the connectee build their network?

After your meeting, you will be asked to provide your connectee with up to three more referrals, essentially creating a basic business network or web of connections. You will only need to provide these referrals if you feel comfortable doing so.

Do I need to keep in touch with the connectee?

For this program, we do not expect a ‘mentor connection’ where you would routinely keep in touch. If you would like to be connected on LinkedIn or through e-mail, that is up to you but it is not expected. We do hope though that the connectee will share good news with you, such as when they secure employment.

Do I have to be able to offer a job to the connectee?

Absolutely not. Connectees are aware that the goal of the Connector Program is to enhance their networking skills, enhance their current job search strategies, and expand their professional network.

Why become a connector?

Becoming a connector provides you with access to local professional immigrant talent here in Edmonton. You will gain a more global understanding of your industry by seeing it through the perspective of your connectee. This can help your organization and Edmonton become a more welcoming and diverse community. You will build your own network while you are helping newcomers succeed in Alberta. Apply to be a Connector

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