Maureen Halldorson: A Mentor Story

When her Regional Vice-President asked if she would like to become a mentor, Maureen immediately thought, “I’m a coach. That’s how I deem myself. This is a fantastic opportunity.”

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Maria Cecilia (Cecile) Tian: A Mentee Story

A new country, a new home and a new job have given Maria Cecilia (Cecile) Tian heartfelt hope for her children’s future – and renewed determination to continue her career in the banking industry.

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Edgar Llanes: A Mentee Story

The mentorship program offered Edgar practical assistance on many topics from job search techniques to information about office culture.

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Annette Bilawchuk: A Mentor Story

Annette Bilawchuk chuckles now when she thinks of her initial reluctance in agreeing to mentor a foreign-trained professional. She was in for a happy surprise, however, when she began to realize the difference she could make in a newcomer’s life.

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Fen Li: A Mentee Story

Armed with enthusiasm and excellent professional credentials, Fen Li (Vivian Lee) and her husband arrived in Edmonton in October 2008, ready to offer their considerable professional skills to Canada.

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