The Connector Program is a formalized networking initiative that helps professional immigrants broaden their professional network through one-on-one meetings with established business leaders who work in the same field.

It is a simple yet highly effective networking program that helps local businesses and organizations connect with talented immigrants who want to build a career in Edmonton. This program will help newcomers to build a professional network, explore alternative career opportunities and find success in the chosen field.

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A proud member of the award-winning National Connector Program.


We pre-qualify our connectees to ensure that they are currently looking for work and open to guidance from our connectors. Then ERIEC puts connectees directly in touch with local business people, civil servants, and community leaders who volunteer as connectors.  

"This is an amazing program. I had such an insightful conversation discussing Canadian culture, career progression, networking opportunities, and key things to look out for in the Canadian workplace."

Hadiza, Connectee 2022


Our connectors are people who are in the habit of making introductions and connecting others to opportunities. They will receive a brief orientation from ERIEC to learn about expectations and receive coaching tips. The meetings are an opportunity for connectors and connectees to get to know each other and share insights about their shared experience.


After the meeting, the connector is encouraged to provide three other relevant contacts in their industry to the connectee, if they are comfortable doing so. This creates a basic, local business network for the connectee.

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Build the careers of skilled immigrants and promote a global perspective in Edmonton's business community.