Randall Kahrim: A Mentor Story

Randall saw an opportunity to improve his leadership skills through mentoring, “but the bottom line is I just like helping people.”

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What is CIIP and How Does It Make a Difference?

CIIP helps immigrants prepare for economic success by providing information, planning and online support through various agency partners in Canada.

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Let’s Not Forget Our Local Global Talent!

We applaud the author for bringing attention to a widely discussed and very important issue lately: the shortage of skilled workers in Canada and the struggle of Canadian employers to find solutions to improve this situation.

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A Profile of Violet Poon: Director of Program Development IAF

Since joining the IAF on October, 2011, Violet has worked closely with ERIEC to help new skilled immigrants to integrate into the Canadian workplace as well as helping them to make connections, and finding meaningful employment.

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The 10th Anniversary of RISE Awards!

Since 2004, the RISE Awards have been given out to recognize the outstanding achievements and contributions of immigrants in our city and as well as to those who support them along the way.

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