Why Join the Connector Program?

Are you new to Canada, looking for work, and building your network?

Become a connectee in the Connector Program and benefit from direct contact with people who are in the habit of making introductions and connecting others to opportunities. The Connector Program accelerates your integration into the professional community in Edmonton.

Through one-on-one meetings with connectors who work in your field you will:

  • Gain a better understanding of your sector, field of interest, and the local job market.
  • Enhance your networking skills.
  • Build a professional network in Edmonton.
  • Receive valuable feedback about your job search strategies and career path.
  • Increase your confidence and knowledge through skill development and building professional networks.

Eligibility Requirements

You are eligible to become a connectee if you are:

  • A landed immigrant or permanent resident and live in the Edmonton area.
  • Unemployed or underemployed.
  • Actively searching for employment in your field.
  • Employment-ready with sufficient resume and interview skills.
  • Speaking English at a CLB Level 7 or higher.

And if you have:

  • Education and 2+ years of experience in your field outside of Canada.
  • No or limited work experience in your field in Canada.

Ready to enroll?

  1. Complete the application form.
  2. Once we receive your application, we will call you to arrange an interview with us.
  3. If you are accepted in the program, we will match you with an appropriate connector when one becomes available.
Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, please contact the Connector Program Coordinator.

Is this a mentorship program?

No. While connectors are welcome to build a professional relationship with you beyond the first meeting, they are not required to remain in regular contact.

Who are connectors?

Connectors are successful professionals with well-established professional networks in Edmonton and are in the habit of making introductions and connecting others to opportunities.

Am I a candidate to be a connectee?

You are invited to apply for this program if you are an internationally-trained professional and are actively looking for work. Our connectees are permanent residents who live in Edmonton. You need to be open to meeting new people in your field and open to advice and guidance from your connectors. Apply to be a Connectee

How should I prepare for a connector meeting?

It is your responsibility to come prepared for the meeting and initiate the conversation. Topics you could discuss with your connector include professional background skills, and areas of expertise; sector-related news; labour market demands in Edmonton; potential career opportunities within your industry in Edmonton; and networking tips.

Where do I meet my connector?

The meeting will be scheduled either at the connector’s office or another convenient public location suggested by the connector. (During the pandemic of COVID-19, the meetings are through telephone or video.)

Is a connector meeting a job interview?

No. Connectors are not expected to provide employment. The goal of these meetings is to help expand the connectee's local network. This will support their job search and help them learn about the Canadian workplace.

It's Time to Connect

Build your professional connections through one-on-one meetings with established and international business peers who work in the same field.