Upcoming Programs by TCLI Foundation

TCLI Foundation is a registered non-profit organization in Canada focused on mitigating socio-economic gaps existing in the communities we serve. We do this by providing education and social interventions with three core foundational pillars:

  1. Financial Stability
  2. Quality Education
  3. Safe Health Practices

TCLI Foundation effects societal changes through literature, arts and culture. Driven towards building strong communities, reinforcing shared spaces to aid one another towards strength, freedom, independence, and satisfaction.

TCLI Cultural Awareness Program

TCLI Foundation is organising a Culture Awareness Program with the sole aim to help participants come together to interact, discuss their cultural challenges, and give them the opportunity to value diverse cultures, perspectives, backgrounds, develop empathy, and the ability to overcome cultural barriers to flourish in every area.

Cultural awareness is now crucial in every aspect of our lives to maximise our full potential. Although cross-cultural differences do not always cause obvious problems, it is more subtle in the manifestations that can and do lead to a lack of clear communication and poor performance.

We have therefore designed this to help participants come together to interact and discuss their challenges and give them the opportunity to value different cultures, perspectives, backgrounds, develop empathy, and the ability to overcome cultural barriers to flourish in every area.

The program will run on the 11th, 14th, 18th, and 21st of June and 9th and 23rd of July 2022 respectively.

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TCLI Kid's Summer Camp

TCLI Kids Summer Camp 2022 starts July 4th to August 27th for children ranging from 5-years old to 15-years old. Kids Summer camp is where children come together virtually and in person to have fun while learning. As part of the TCLI foundation’s goals which is to provide financial literacy and quality education, TCLI will be achieving this by organizing the kids program to help the children improve in their fine motor skills, cognitive skills, and social skills while having fun at it. This program will focus on academic activities, intercultural experiences, field trips, social activities, sports, and games. There will be lots of outdoor programs for both kids and families.

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Registration closes June 18, 2022

TCLI Food Hamper Drive

Welcome to the commencement of TCLI food drive phase 2 project. As we know that one of the challenges that many newcomers face when it comes to settling down in a new country like Canada is the challenge of bills and other expenses, especially with respect to food and grocery expenses.

As one of TCLI’s commitment to supporting newcomers, we support families with food hampers and grocery gift cards for a period of time towards providing food security.

We hope that this will give families in need some form of respite from rising bills and expenses and address food insecurities.
To qualify for this food hamper, an individual or a family must meet the following conditions:
- Must be a newcomer (landed in Canada in the last 3 years); or
- Must be categorized as Low Income
- Must reside in Edmonton

To apply for a food hamper, please complete the form below: