Stantec STEM Bursary Award Recipient for 2021: Nancy Njerere

Stantec, a design and engineering company, built their success as a company with the support of their clients, staff, colleagues and community. Starting out as a one-person firm up to today, with over 22,000 employees working in over 400 locations across continents.

Stantec takes pride on the impact they have made in the communities they serve. To demonstrate their commitment to supporting the community, Stantec has partnered with ERIEC for the second time to present a deserving Career Mentorship mentee with the opportunity to receive support that would help them to attain their professional educational goals, and succeed to their fullest ability in the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) field.

Out of the many STEM oriented, mentee applicants who applied for the bursary, Nancy Njerere was ultimately selected by the ERIEC selection committee to receive this award. Nancy has a Master’s in Water Resources Engineering and Management with 5 years of project management experience.

As one can imagine, choosing a mentee applicant from our program is no easy task, but her detailed description of attaining her future goals and desire to undertake STEM courses made her a top choice from the pool of equally qualified applicants.

Nancy first learned about ERIEC and its programs back in January 2020. She joined both the Mentorship and Connector programs and was pleased to share the benefits of these services to future mentees.

“My journey so far has been valuable and transformational, and I am truly thankful to have crossed paths with such a supportive, insightful, and resourceful team at ERIEC. From resume editing assistance, informational online events to networking coaching, ERIEC is proactive and innovative in assisting immigrants.

The various online sessions helped me gain relevant information and be progressive even during the global pandemic. The engineering group mentorship sessions helped me identify my areas of weakness and the mentors helped me immensely in identifying various tools and techniques I may use for my professional development plan. It was also through ERIEC that I got to participate in the life-changing 2020 Women in Engineering Summit and managed to make useful connections through networking.

My pursuit of reintegrating into my engineering career path has been made easier through ERIEC’s wide range of programs. After each event with ERIEC, I found myself more confident, encouraged, and ready for my next steps in my journey as a newcomer. I believe that one day soon I will be able to do more for newcomers, just as much has been done for me.”

“I am overjoyed and deeply grateful to both ERIEC and STANTEC for this bursary opportunity. Thank you for investing in my education and for my future.”