A Profile of Candy Khan, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

What is workforce diversity? It is about acknowledging differences and adapting to work practices to create an inclusive environment in which diverse skills, perspectives and backgrounds are valued.

It is about understanding the individual differences in the people we work with that arise from a broad range of backgrounds and lifestyles, and recognizing the value of using those different perspectives, ideas and ways of working to enhance the quality and outcomes of work. Workforce diversity is very important and vital work in today’s workplace.

What type of person chooses to work in the field of diversity and what kinds of backgrounds and training might they have?  As you can imagine there are many who dedicate themselves to this profession and bring with them a diversity of backgrounds and rich experiences. Such is the case and the subject of today’s blog which will profile the background of such an individual.

Candy Khan is recognized as a very knowledgeable and committed professional in the areas of diversity, immigration, racism, inclusion, and interculturalism. She has been working with newcomers to Canada for over 15 years. She is well versed in the fields of settlement and career transition. In her previous work life, she worked at both Catholic Social Services and the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers where she initiated a Toastmasters Club for newcomers. 

Academically, Candy has kept herself on the leading edge of diversity having completed her Master’s of Education in Theoretical, Cultural and International studies from University of Alberta and prior to achieving that completed her certificate in Career Development from Concordia University College of Alberta.  She is currently enrolled in the PhD program at University of Alberta.

Today, Candy works as a Senior Diversity and Inclusion Consultant at City of Edmonton in the Human Resource Branch. She actively promotes and supports corporate diversity and inclusion policies, strategies and initiatives.  In the last five years, Candy has been able to make extensive gains in promoting a respectful workplace culture vis-à-vis curriculum delivery, training/education to all City of Edmonton employees, and working collaboratively with senior leaders to ensure policies, practices, and structures are equitable for all. 

Professionals like Candy who work in diversity and inclusion are playing a very important role in today’s workplace. As mentioned, the business case for diversity is fairly straightforward. Having a diverse workforce that mirrors the communities we serve increases business success and ultimately the bottom line.

A multicultural and diverse team provides different insights and perspectives needed to continually adapt to an ever-changing marketplace.

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