Peers-to-Peer Connecting: A Connector Story

The Connector Program is a networking initiative that successfully connects professional immigrants to help them broaden their professional connections through “one-on-one” meetings with established business leaders/peers who work in the same field. This is a story of a unique “two-on-one” connection that worked!

Bushra Khokhar and Anabel Pecatoste reached out to ERIEC to become participants of the Connector Program. Both Bushra and Anabel are highly passionate when it comes to learning more about their administrative profession. They both took courses in Edmonton to better enhance their skills and competencies in their field. Bushra had a couple of short placement experiences within the Government of Alberta and is very interested to expand her network within the City of Edmonton. Anabel worked in the Office of the President back in the Philippines. She says, “I find a sense of fulfilment in completing administrative tasks that contribute to a bigger purpose”.

Terry Harlin, Resource Planning Manager of the City of Edmonton, met both Bushra and Anabel on two separate spring days back in March. “Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. I had the opportunity to explain to both Bushra and Anabel a few of the challenges and stumbling blocks when it comes to the job search and how not to limit themselves as they are looking.”, says Terry.

Terry connected both Bushra and Anabel to other Connectors who likewise will be able to contribute even more feedback and insights as they enter into their job search.

Both Bushra and Anabel are very grateful for having met Terry. “Terry has been amazing! He volunteers his free time to help inspire and contribute towards the spirit of these types of programs that truly add value to the professional immigrants job search journey”, they said.

If you are a professional immigrant and a permanent resident, currently based in Edmonton, and interested in ERIEC’s Connector Program, contact the ERIEC office for more details. If you are a business leader and are in the habit of making introductions and connecting people to opportunities, we invite you to participate as a volunteer Connector!

It's Time to Connect

Build your professional connections through one-on-one meetings with established and international business peers who work in the same field.