Nithu John: A Mentee Story

The Career Mentorship Program (CMP) matches newcomer immigrant professionals (mentees) in the Edmonton region with established professionals and local business leaders / employers (mentors) who share a similar occupational background and creates networks through real-life connections and experience.

Nithu John moved to Canada in September of 2018 as a spousal permanent resident. In the beginning she found settling to Edmonton quite easy as her husband and his family were also in Edmonton and they were very supportive. The hardest part of her journey to Canada was to “find a job”, she says.

Nithu has a master’s degree in biotechnology and more than six years of research experience working in the areas of infectious diseases and cancer biology, mostly in Research Assistant roles. Nithu had many unsuccessful interviews during her time in Canada. It was then by chance during an employment fair held by the Talent Pool in November of 2020, she met with members of the ERIEC team. She would be later invited to join their Connector Program and afterwards into their mentorship program.

“When I first joined ERIEC, I came to know more about the Canadian work culture. Through the intercultural workshop series I recognized how I could be part of it.”

“It was January 2021 when I was matched with a mentor. She instructed me on how to “nail an interview” and how to stress my strengths during an interview. Even at short notice, she would help me to prepare for my interview. I applied for a position at Simon Fraser University through Indeed while I was in the mentorship program. On March 22nd, 2021 I received the exciting news that I was hoping to hear. The University offered me the Curator’s position with Dr. Hsiao’s research group”, she said.

“Being an ERIEC mentee allowed me to enhance my professional network and learn from my mentor about the various roles that I was interested in within my chosen industry and sector. I wholeheartedly want to thank ERIEC and the ERIEC team for the guidance, their workshops and all the support that they are providing to internationally trained professionals in Edmonton. Also, my mentor who is and awesome professional, who helped me to reach and land my dream job!”

If you are an immigrant professional, Permanent Resident, currently in Edmonton, and interested in ERIEC’s Mentorship and / or Connector Program, please contact the Program Assistant- Gustave Gatabazi at [email protected]

If you are an established professional or business leader looking to volunteer as a mentor or establish corporate partnerships, please contact the Program Director- Azumme Degun at [email protected]