A new ComIT course for Software Developers

The ComIT is a charitable organization that offers free courses to unemployed or underemployed individuals that train them to become skilled Software Developers.

We are offering a ‘React.js’ course that begins on June 29, 2020 for our Edmonton section! The course is held online every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm until September.

We help individuals find meaningful employment within the Information Technology (IT) sector! While previous experience in IT would certainly be helpful, it is not a requirement to apply to our course. We are able to successfully sustain our work through grants and donations that allow us to run this tech course free of charge to students. ComIT is currently operating in 22 cities across three countries (Argentina, Chile, and Canada).

The sooner individuals get themselves registered on our website:

https://www.comit.org/students where they can find FAQ's, more information about the process and the registration form!

The goal of everyone at ComIT is to help successful graduates find meaningful employment within the IT sector. We are committed to seeing more individuals enter the IT job market as there are many current opportunities available. ComIT doesn't want anyone to be held back from improving their lives due to financial barriers, which is why in addition to the technical training, we also offer resume building and interview skills throughout the course in order to give students even more opportunity to succeed in the job market post ComIT.

For more information on how ComIT is making a difference, I encourage you to watch this 3- minute video from Citizenship and Immigration Canada:

Citizenship and Immigration Canada 'Putting People Before Profit in Canada's Tech Sector'