Is a Mentoring Relationship Worth It?

It’s wonderful to know that many skilled immigrant professionals have benefited from our different programs.  When we receive an online application from a skilled immigrant who has decided to become a mentee in our Career Mentorship Program, we really do get EXCITED! 

Why such a fuss? Well, first of all, we are thrilled that someone has chosen this particular path to career success and want to connect to their profession here in Canada. Secondly, these applicants realize that they need the support of a local professional in their field, a mentor, who can “show them the ropes”. 

The other day, I came across this survey feedback from an IT professional originally from Mexico who had participated as a mentee in our Career Mentorship Program.   He wrote to us saying:

“I didn’t just learn skills for interviews, I learned how to make ’connections’ with interviewers! I didn’t just look for a posted job, no…. I looked for my ‘career development’. I learned simply not to just deliver my card to someone, I really do ‘network’! My self-esteem for interviews now is totally different and of course, so is my knowledge of the local job market and about Canadian society.”

If you know of someone who might be eligible for our Career Mentorship program, why not encourage them to apply?  Go to ERIEC’s website and review the requirements to be a successful candidate. 

At the ERIEC website, you can complete the online application and upload your resume. We will e-mail the mentee candidate within a day or two of their application to confirm receipt of their application and clarify any questions or concerns they might have. Once everything is in order, we would then invite them for an interview with ERIEC staff.

Once they have been accepted into the program we can begin the recruitment process for an appropriate mentor.  Once the ‘match’ is made, then the mentoring begins!

Sounds good?  So why not get started today!

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Build the careers of skilled immigrants and promote a global perspective in Edmonton's business community.