Manju Mathew: A Mentee Story

Manju Mathew participated in the ERIEC’s Career Mentorship Program in September 2013.  We asked her if she was willing to share with our readers about her experience with our program. Here is her story:

Like most of the immigrants, I came to Canada with many dreams.  However, during the first couple of months in Canada, I felt that I landed in the middle of a rough sea.  I have applied to so many jobs but I didn’t hear anything back even though I have a PhD and 10 years of work experience in my field.

I have approached many agencies for learning Canadian ways to get a job.  Though they all helped me, I realized that only somebody who knows my profession could guide me to excel in my profession.

Fortunately, I came to know about ERIEC and their Career Mentorship Program.  I was matched with an excellent mentor from my professional background – Laura Kennedy.  As the course structure I studied back home is different than here, Laura introduced me to the regulatory body of my profession, and I had a conversation with them.  She helped me to convey the skills and knowledge I have.  Finally, I have obtained provisional registration to work in my field.  Laura provided me so many different resources to prepare for the exam, clarified my doubts and conducted a few mock interviews. This helped me a lot with my exam and my job interviews.  She also associated me with many professional groups, and I have learned Canadian ways of professional practices in my profession.  Meanwhile, I was called for an interview by Alberta Health Service (AHS), and I got the job.  Now I am a Therapist in AHS and almost near to the final stage of full registration as a psychologist in Alberta.

The moral of my story is simple – approach the right place for help and follow the guidance from your mentor.  My big thanks to ERIEC and my mentor Laura; I started experiencing a smooth sea again because of all of you.

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