Joel Pushparaj: A Connectee / Mentee Story

The Career Mentorship Program (CMP) and the Connector Program matches newcomer immigrant professionals (mentees / connectees) in the Edmonton region with established professionals and local business leaders / employers (mentors / connectors) who share a similar occupational background and creates networks through real-life connections and experience.

Joel Pushparaj is an internationally trained Project Manager who has had over 10 years of experience outside of Canada in the telecommunications industry. He arrived in Canada in early 2019 and he was very motivated to connect with business professionals in Edmonton.

He enrolled in the ERIEC Connector Program during the summer of 2019 and was matched with a Connector with project management and consultancy experience. Joel found this connection to be very valuable during his job search journey. He has been very receptive to feedback and recommendations. He reached out to companies that the Connector had suggested for him to explore. Joel enthusiastically reached out to a recruiter online and was invited for his first interview. He did not receive a call after that, however but continued to look for other opportunities and started with the Career Mentorship Program.

While attending the mentorship orientation, he received some exciting news. He recieved an offer for his first job in Canada as a Project Coordinator in a company specializing in providing telecommunication solutions. Joel shared his strategies with others on how he applied in landing this job. “This job was not posted online. It was one of the companies that I originally placed a cold call with and then connected with their manager on LinkedIn. They followed up with me for an interview as they liked my professional background and experience. I followed up with the interviewers and I was scheduled for a subsequent video interview as the hiring manager was based in Calgary. They made their decision a week after and I began working for them in the summer of 2019”.

Despite being employed full-time in his field, Joel stayed in the mentorship program to learn more about the Canadian workplace culture, as he could see the value in learning about how to retain a job and the power of networking in Canada.

Joel continued to remain in contact with the recruiter of one of the companies shared with him by his Connector. This recruiter posted the same role which Joel was invited for an interview previously, this time he was extended an invitation for what would be two rounds of interviews. He was recently offered a position as a Project Manager for Mobia Technology Solutions based in Whitehorse.

Though we are sad that Joel is moving away from Edmonton, ERIEC remains proud that Yukon Territories will benefit from his wealth of experience.

Joel has expressed his appreciation to both the ERIEC Career Mentorship and Connector Program. “Thank you ERIEC. Little did I know that a connection you introduced would lead to an opportunity in my long career road ahead! Thank you again for the support, and keep up the good work!”

If you are an immigrant professional, Permanent Resident, currently in Edmonton, and interested in ERIEC’s Mentorship and / or Connector Program, please contact the Program Assistant- Gustave Gatabazi at 780-497-8866 or [email protected]

If you are an established professional or business leader looking to volunteer as a mentor / connector or establish corporate partnerships, please contact the Program Director- Azumme Degun at 780-497-8866 or [email protected] or Networking Director – Elena Chernaeva at 780-707-8493 or [email protected]

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