Here it is… ERIEC’s first blog, “The Wave”!

What’s in choosing a name?  A lot of thoughtful consideration, actually, reminiscent of the process of naming one’s first baby!  We insisted the name of this new member of ERIEC’s family must have meaning, represent who we are, and reflect our enthusiasm for the great achievements we anticipate, involving the internationally-trained and Canadian professionals, employers, and others in the Edmonton area who are the beneficiaries of the mentorship programs ERIEC is known for.

So we named our blog after ERIEC’s logo: it’s a wave.  Certainly, its shape is could be interpreted as an ‘e’ for ERIEC, but for us it is a symbol of all we hope this blog will be:

  • A venue to share updates about the movement in Edmonton that ERIEC is leading along with business, government and immigrant service providers: a relentless force that is shaping, carving and even helping to wash away many of the obstacles faced by internationally-trained professionals and employers facing labour shortages.
  • A place of inspiring, true tales of local mentors and foreign-trained mentees who have found new ways to ‘ride the wave’ to success in the pursuit of their career goals through participation in ERIEC’s Career Mentorship Program, Speed Career Networking events and Career Symposiums.
  • A powerful news source highlighting leading-edge resources, helpful insights, and tools to enable hiring managers and human resources professionals to be more effective in their assessments and interactions related to the hiring and integration of internationals into their workforces.
  • A forum for interaction with you on topics related to immigrant employment and hiring for cultural diversity.
  • A meeting place to learn more about ERIEC’s staff and board members, who are passionate to see our highly-motivated, global workforce given the opportunity to put their skills and expertise to work in Edmonton – just like the Canadian-born residents who live and work here.

Internationally-trained professionals continually arrive in the Edmonton, like waves lapping up on the shore, seeking a prosperous future for themselves and their families, a place to call home in our neighbourhoods and a role in our marketplace where they can contribute value, innovation and fresh perspectives.  We want to harness the energy of these waves by optimizing employment for residents in the Edmonton region from any background.  We would all benefit from the resulting growth of our individual, business and community wealth.

So return here regularly, to ‘The Wave’ and be at the ‘crest’ of what’s happening in Edmonton’s immigrant employment scene!

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