Got a good job? What will it take to move up?

Got a good job? What will it take to move up?

Speaking English at the speed of business with accurate pronunciation!

Mr. Tong had big dreams of a better life in Canada than in his war-torn country. He and his family went to programs to learn English. He was put in a work placement program doing odd jobs at Mr. Lube. Did I tell you; he was a Medical Doctor in his homeland? Now, here in Edmonton, he bravely took whatever work was offered and did his best to provide for his family. Mr. Tong probably never knew that he inspired a woman one day in the shop who couldn’t understand him. His ‘helpless’ position of being unable to speak clearly, inspired her to create a system to teach immigrants how to speak clearly, be understood and be respected among Canadians. Correct speech opens doors to RESPECT, DIGNITY and EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES for all newcomers.

Peggy Kayne of Clear Communications has created and taught English Pronunciation Clarity and Speaking Effectiveness Courses to many immigrants: Administrative Assistants, Engineers, ITs, Doctors and more. Speaking accurately opens opportunities for newcomers to advance, even to management positions. Gone are their frustrations of being misunderstood and teased, such as saying sh*t when they meant sheet! This new learning program is not offered by any other organization.

Are YOU ready for better jobs and more pay? These courses will noticeably improve how you speak and will end the agony of disrespect, and lack of promotions!

Peggy Kayne guarantees that practicing these techniques for 20 minutes every day will correct how you make sounds, and English words will become your trusted friends! Fast speech will be easier to understand. Family, friends, colleagues, and bosses will notice your improvements!

CC offers 3 levels of classes for individuals and small groups of 2-5 students over Zoom. When Covid restrictions ease and space is available, we may run larger group classes in person.

[email protected] Cell: 780-904-2773

Students have said:

B.T. said, “I work on the phone doing Covid tracking. Peggy was so kind and helpful. I relaxed, learned, enjoyed, and worked hard. Now, I hear myself speak more like Canadians speak. I can understand better what the people say and they understand me too. I’m still working on ‘v’.

J.G said, “Wow, now I can hear and say CAN and CAN’T! My R is good and I see vowels on people’s faces when they talk! My manger said my meeting presentation is good! Now I can use sounds that I didn’t even know existed before. I loved this course and working with Peggy!

Watch here an example of Peggy’s LESSON 1