ERIEC webinar: Employment in Challenging Times

Smart Connections Series

RBC Meeting Place, CRIEC & ERIEC present a free webinar:

Employment in Challenging Times: Why maintaining a healthy mindset is important

Thursday, May 20th, 2021 from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm MST


Stress Management and Healthy Coping: The importance of staying well

Karen Gallagher-Burt

Director Community Engagement with the Canadian Mental Association, Alberta

Karen’s portfolio includes Communications, Fund Development and Community Events. She has a Graduate degree in Social Work and has spent her career focused on children and families at risk, crisis intervention, mental health and wellbeing.

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No Leader Is an Island - Leaving a Legacy of Mentorship

Brian Knowler

CEO and Lead Trainer, Knowler Consulting, Ontario

Brian is a veteran police officer, retired lawyer, speaker, and author involved in the justice system since 1994. He is a professional speaker, offering training on various aspects of mental health and leadership and has published two books about his experiences with trauma and leadership.

To watch with Brian Knowler’s presentation No Leader Is an Island - Leaving a Legacy of Mentorship CLICK HERE!

Laughter Yoga or How to Escape from Zoom Fatigue

Dr. Raman Gill

Mindset and Performance Mentor, Leap4Growth, Alberta

Dr. Gill is an award-winning Professor, a mindset and transformation mentor specializing in performance and growth. Her passion comes from being a survivor of brain trauma who crossed many hurdles in the journey of life. She is a promoter of mental health, a certified master's life coach, and a certified teacher.

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