Entrepreneurship Supports Program

A message from Action for Healthy Communities

Action for Healthy Communities' Entrepreneurship Supports program has been in operation since 2015. Since then, it has served over 600 newcomer Albertans who chose self-employment as a mode of economic integration. Being an entrepreneur of the program starts with an idea and a drive to excel. The program offers the following supports:

  • 2 levels of business training (cohorts starting in April and October) - level 1 gives the basic skills to plan and launch a business in Canada, imparting an understanding of the Canadian business ecosystem, the market analysis report, and marketing plan analysis. Level 2 is catered for the experienced business owner and covers topics of business feasibility study, completion of the business plan, gaining an understanding of the accounting processes and pricing strategies. Level 2 ends with an opportunity for all the participants to pitch their business ideas in a formal setting.
  • 1:1 coaching sessions - outsourcing to a skilled professional, to assist you achieve the entrepreneur's business goals
  • Attachments with mentors
  • Pathfinding of resources
  • Network opportunities
  • Access to pop-up markets: 19 of our entrepreneurs participated in the 2022 K-days, making cumulative sales of over $5000.
  • Ongoing business counseling by AHC staff.

Our team takes pride in taking the time to personally connect with and understand the client, their business, and what drives them. That makes up for customized supports for each one of our clients. A few of the entrepreneurs supported by our program were encouraged to engage in the Export readiness program managed by the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, which they successfully did, by completing their exhaustive export plans.

For further information, please visit our organization's website.

Please note that although we have limited spaces for Canadian Citizens, our program is primarily for permanent residents and refugees.

To get in touch, please contact: 

Lida Arguello at [email protected] , 587-338-0557