Camille Wang: A Mentee Story

Camille is a financial professional who originally came from China, and she arrived in Edmonton in November 2012.

“I have been in Edmonton, Canada for over seven months, and I have struggled on my own most of the time.  Sometimes, I have felt lonely, helpless, and hopeless.   But I have to try my best to stay positive and active. ”

Camille joined ERIEC’s Career Mentorship Program in July 2013, and she was matched with a mentor from Grant Thornton LLP.  “The day when I attended ERIEC’ mentorship program orientation, I felt really encouraged.  Each mentee at the orientation is professional.  All of us can speak fluent English, and we are eager and ready to contribute to this new country – Canada.  From the beginning of the program, we were eager to start networking with each other.  I have seen myself from other mentees, and I have got more motivation from them.  I was so touched by the moment.”

“I am very thankful to be part of the Career Mentorship Program.  I feel fortunate to have met my mentor and got to know more mentees.  I finally have met some people who belong to the same circle and we can share many things in common.  Mentorship Program is really a good program, and it makes considerable sense to our mentees.  I think most of the mentees will feel the same way that we appreciate the job ERIEC is doing!”

“During the program, with all the support from my mentor and ERIEC staff, I have improved a lot with my resume writing and interview skills.  During the second month in the program, I have got a job offer.  Even though it’s a temporary 11-month manager assistant position, it’s a great opportunity for me to have my first Canadian work experience related to my profession.  I am so happy for myself since I am going to pursuit the Certified Financial Planner designation (CFP).  This is a good start.”

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