2019 Diversity Awards

Published by Diversity Magazine, May 2019

Alberta: here are your Diversity and Inclusion Champions for 2019.

Diversity & Inclusion Award 2019 Recipients

A big thank you to our fantastic sponsor, NorQuest College for providing such a beautiful space with all the support, our wonderful hosts; Debra and Tonya, our award recipients listed below, our exciting and inspiring keynote presentation from the exciting Dr. Wanda Costen, the Dean of the School of Business, MacEwan University, on the recognition of foreign credentials, hiring, respecting foreign trained professionals.

Thank you to our knowledgeable panelist; the exciting Dr. Wanda Costen, the dynamic Doug Piquette, Executive Director of EREIC, the new fantastic Hyder Hassan, Chief Executive Officer of Immigrant Services Calgary, the nice Dr. Sally Zhao, Chief Executive Officer of Calgary Immigrant Educational Society, the corporate change maker Mia Talavera, Equity Specialist-Senior Consultant, Global Talent Engagement at Stantec, and the hardworking Mazhar Butt, a CPA, CGA, PMP MBA, and all of you beautiful people came from all over the province to support those making a difference in Diversity and Inclusion in Alberta.

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