June 2018 Smart Connections: The Future of Work

Our first event for this year’s Smart Connections program series themed The Future of Work, hosted by ERIEC, was held last June 14th, 2018 at the Matrix Hotel, Edmonton.

Part 1: Sector Job Wayfinder Resource & How To Critically Review Job Ads
This session provided you with an overview of a new professional Wayfinder Resource developed specifically for Internationally Educated Professionals with a background in Engineering, Finance and Science. The presenters Tetyana Khramova, Career Mentorship Program Director, ERIEC and Cheryl Whitelaw, Principle, Kind Power Coaching and Consulting provided information on how to use the resources to support professional job search and a short workshop on how to critically review job ads, to determine which job opportunities are a fit for a specific career goal.

Part 2: The Future of Work – Panel Discussion

A panel of experts: Tara Dragon from Work Evolution, David Ries from ConnectAd, Alicia Richmond from TELUS and Arijana Ilibasic from Elevate Virtual spoke on myths vs. facts regarding online and temporary work, on freelancing, remote work, and the gig economy, and shared their own experience.

So what did participants think about this event on The Future of Work?:  86 % of participants rated the event Excellent and Very Good.

On the question, “How helpful was the presentation Sector Job Wayfinder Resource & How To Critically Review Job Ads for your job search” 83 % of all respondents found the session to be “Very Helpful” and “Extremely Helpful”.

To the question: How helpful was the Panel Discussion for understanding better The Future of Work? 79 % of all respondents found the session to be “Very Helpful” and “Extremely Helpful”.

Here’s how people responded to the question: What did you like the most about this event?

“I liked the presentation for reading job posts and the owning business talk, it was very informative.”

“Job Search Tips”

“The panel after the coffee break was great!”

“The panel discussion was very insightful and exposed me to other opportunities available outside the 9-5 work structure”.

“I like events that promote networking. This is very helpful for us newcomers here in Canada who has a limited network”.

Thanks again to all the speakers, panelists, community partners, exhibitors and of course all of the participants for their contributions and collaboration in helping to make another great ERIEC event!

Stay tuned for the upcoming Smart Connections event planned for September 20th, 2018!


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