September 2018 Smart Connections: Diversity and Inclusion Policies


Our second event for this year’s Smart Connections program series themed Diversity and Inclusion Policies and the Hiring Process of The Government of Alberta and The City of Edmonton, hosted by Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council (ERIEC ), was held yesterday, September 20th,  2018 at the Matrix Hotel, Edmonton. Over 160 internationally educated professionals attended the event!

Elena Chernaeva, the Networking Program Director of ERIEC and the event host, challenged all participants to “connect, learn and most importantly apply what you learn!!”

In the first part of the program our speakers Shafana Mitha, Director, Diversity & Inclusion Secretariat, Government of Alberta, and Jill Chesley, the Senior Diversity & Inclusion Consultant with the City of Edmonton explained the diversity and inclusion policies of both desirable employers.

A panel of expects: Allie Clarke, Talent Acquisition and Mobility Specialist and Elisa Nazar, Manager, Registry Revenue Management with the Government of Alberta; Aly Moorji,  Team Lead: Recruitment Outreach & Work Experience Programs and Newcomers to Canada and Multicultural Recruitment Portfolio, and Sylla Abdellahi, Recruitment Consultant with the City of Edmonton, shared important information of the hiring process of both employers. They answered some core job search questions: pre-screening process, resume and cover letter selection, the job interview and more.

Stephen Bull, Assistant Deputy Minister, Service Alberta, Government of Alberta shared valuable tips and tricks from executive prospective that would help applications get noticed.

The number of participants that gathered around the panelists at the end of the event, all waiting for their turn to have a brief chat with the panelists is a testament to how important the information from the panel discussion meant to the participants.

Thank you to all of the participants, speakers and panelists, community partners, employers and volunteers for their contribution and collaboration in helping to make another great ERIEC event!

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