The job search is an overwhelming task for anyone. It is even more challenging if you are new to Canada and looking for work in a professional culture that is unfamiliar. ERIEC's Career Mentorship program targets new immigrants specifically. Our mentorship program can match you will a mentor who will give you advice about your job search and working in a Canadian workplace.

The mentoring relationship is the core of our program. Your mentor can be the first link in your Canadian professional network. They can open doors to employment opportunities in the Edmonton region.

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Your mentor can help you:

  • Understand the Canadian workplace culture.
  • Enhance your professional development.
  • Increase confidence.
  • Develop self-marketing techniques.
  • Set goals/career development objectives.

Often our mentees have such a positive experience that they return to the program as mentors. They want to use their experience to help others who are facing the same challenges.

“I really appreciate the genuine effort the team has been putting forth for all the newcomers. I believe that the mentorship program has many strengths including key collaborations with the business community. One of these key collaborations help me land my first job in Canada”

Hari, 2019 Cohort

Are you ready to be mentored?

Our mentees are ready to take responsibility for their own job search but are open to advice and feedback from an experienced mentor. You are eligible to join our program if you are new to Canada and are actively searching for employment in your occupation. You should be able to communicate well enough in English to perform effectively in the workplace. You should either have completed your education and have at least 2 years of experience in your field outside of Canada or be changing careers in Canada with the related education. Our mentees have:

  • Landed immigrants or permanent resident status.
  • No or limited work experience in their field in Canada.
  • No employment or are underemployed.
  • Canadian Language Benchmark level 7 English skills or higher, or an equivalent.
  • A job ready resume.
  • Completed a job search workshop or will complete it soon.
  • Been educational qualifications assessed (e.g. IQAS) or will be assessed soon.
  • Time to commit to a mentoring relationship during business hours

ERIEC runs 7 Mentorship Cohorts per year, with new signups regularly.

"I worked closely with ERIEC, everyone have been so kind and helpful and supportive in all my career pursuits. ERIEC matched me with a recruiter who was instrumental in me landing my first engineering job in Canada. I would never have been able to do this on my own without the help of ERIEC. ERIEC is simply the best and I don't have to think twice before saying this"

Vidya, 2019 Cohort

Program Resources

During the mentorship program you will have access to the following resources and programs: 

Orientation: You will participate in an initial orientation session that outlines roles, codes of conduct, and expectations of the mentorship relationship.

Intercultural Workshops: You will attend one workshop a month over the four- month span to explore Canadian workplace culture.

Support Materials: You will have access to information on this website, and you will receive the Mentorship Handbook and the Mentorship Activity Roadmap. The Alberta Mentorship Program website has many additional resources and articles that can support you during your mentorship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions, please contact the Mentorship Program Facilitator.

Who is a career mentee?

Career mentorship may help you if you are a new or recent immigrant who has the language, knowledge, and business experience to succeed in the workplace but need the opportunity to get your foot in the door.

Why do I need a mentor?

Your mentor can be the first link in your Canadian professional network and help you understand the Canadian workplace culture. They can open doors to employment opportunities in the Edmonton region.

What is occupation-specific mentoring?

Occupation-specific mentoring involves connecting professional newcomers (mentees) with established Canadian professionals (mentors) who share the same occupation.

How will I be matched with a mentor?

ERIEC will review potential matches once your personal profile has been received. Mentors and mentees are matched based on shared educational background, similar work experience, and common career goals.

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